Community Transformation Grant: Market Manager Training

  1. All In 4 Health hosted a great training session today for farmers’ market managers. I got to chat a little with a lot of great minds in North Carolina’s local food system. Here are some highlights from today!
  2. On our way to a farmers’ market manager workshop in Burlington! Funded by the Community Transformation Grant. #CTG
  3. Regarding Facebook and organizing market events: “It doesn’t just happen.” -Deborah Crumpton, Rockingham Farmers’ Market organizer.
  4. Deborah Crumpton got us started with some key considerations when starting a farmers’ market (difficult to make out in my blurry smartphone photo!):
       Venue – where is the market?
       By-laws – legal stuff
       Rules – what kind of vendors do you allow?
       Funding – how do you pay the market manager and keep the lights on?
       Manager – who is the point person for resolving conflict?
  5. Kat Bawden tells us that only 30 of 217 farmers’ markets accept ebt/snap.
  6. Erin Heiderman suggests talking to housing orgs, senior centers, justice nonprofits to help design and promote #access for low-income folks.
  7. Hearing from Dr. Fernier about how to think like & communicate w. your customer. Comarketing on cc @torilabuenavida
  8. Dr. Fernier mentions amazing tool for market managers: USPS Every Door Direct. Send market postcards to every door on a given mail route.
  9. (The two previous tweet mispelled Dr. Ferrier’s name.)

    There was another great presentation about @LoMoMarket, the Veggie Van. Kat Bawden’s discussion about increasing access for low income customers was a great breath of fresh air after an earlier presenter (who shall remain unnamed) basically brushed them off as a high effort low-reward market for most farmers’ markets. She also had great info for the market managers out there trying to figure out the hoops they need to jump through to start accepting SNAP (available here:

    All in all, it was a great day meeting other

  10. Addendum:
    If you’re interested in innovation in our food system, please consider joining the Triangle Food Hack, which will bring together all sorts of food system innovators, activists and farmers in the Triangle (and people that do all three!). We’ll announce the events formally on Facebook and plan the events on Twitter (#TriFoodHack), (we’re open to other communication mechanisms if they are requested). The meetup is arranged non-hierarchically and we are open to input if you want to get involved!

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