CFSA Sustainable Agriculture Conference Highlights

I had a great time this year at the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association’s annual Sustainable Agriculture Conference. I met a lot of great people, including the amazing CFSA staff.

Probably the best way to learn about agriculture is to see it first hand and get your hands dirty. Here are a few tweets/photos from the weekend.

I started off with the beginning farmer tour (sponsored by where I visited Bio-way farm:

I saw some neat take-home ideas that included small-scale tilapia production systems:

I also did some hands-on learning about oyster mushrooms with Tradd Cotter:

And at the lunch that followed, my friends Tradd and Olga got a big surprise!

Beyond the things that I saw and experienced over the weekend, I learned quite a bit about the farm bill from Sarah Hackney, who works at NSAC:

I strongly encourage all of my readers to join the NSAC action alert mailing list and figure out who to call for the 2012 farm bill day of action on November 15th. (In my next post I’ll cover a bit more about the farm bill, that post was getting too long to include in this wrap-up post).

The farm bill and our dysfuntional Congress provide a great contrast to the empowering and collaborative environment I experienced at CFSA. I came home with some great ideas a lot of new connections to work with into the new year.

Thanks so much, CFSA. Here’s to a fruitful 2012!


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