CFSA #SAC12 and Extreme Healthy Life Choices

This weekend, I attended CFSA’s annual sustainable agriculture conference (SAC12) where I met some amazing people doing awesome things to build healthy communities. In addition to meeting all those amazing people I had the immense pleasure of meeting George Throop of through Couchsurfing is a social networking site that helps travelers find community and hosts. Like most of the people that attended SAC12, George cares about connecting to his community and making healthy life choices. Unlike anyone at SAC12 or indeed anyone in the world, George has spent the past few years walking the long way from Washington State to Washington, DC.

George’s mother died of cancer when she was 33. Over the years leading up to his own 33rd birthday in 2009, he decided he needed to do something special to honor her memory. And now, three years later, he’s walked from Washington State to Greenville, SC and is now creeping his way up through the Carolinas. He and I shared some meals and beers together and his story is quite amazing. I can encourage anyone that attended SAC to invite him over if he’s traveling through your area. He’s spoken with children at schools about healthy habits and I bet he’d love to check out some of the work CFSA members are doing in community gardens around the Carolinas.

Check out his website at and join him for a walk or invite him for a meal! You won’t be disappointed.

More updates about CFSA to follow!




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