Reflection on SAEA 2011

Two weeks ago I went to the Sustainable Agriculture Education Association’s conference in Lexington, Kentucky. It was a great time and I ate the best food I’ve had in a year…for 2 straight days.

Here are some highlights:

  • Finally met Damian Parr & Mark van Horn. (I almost went to UC-Davis for grad school and really admire the programs they’ve built out there on the UCD Student Farm.)
  • Anthony Flaccavento gave a great talk about community food initiatives and the false choice we are given between communism and capitalism as the only economic models available to us. Both provide their own form of subjugation and it’s time we mobilize this food movement as a political force. This talk is quite similar:
  • Met perhaps a dozen people in their mid-20s that are building new local food or food justice initiatives from the ground up. Many of my fellow 20-somethings are fed up with the our economic and political systems and see food as a big way to make a difference.
  • I saw Wendell Berry read his short story “Sold,” which you can read here: Another blogger reflects on the food of the evening here:

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